Ashley Stokes

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Florida Homes Realty and Mortgage - Jacksonville


About Ashley Stokes

I enjoy working as a Real Estate Agent. I am much more than that. I am a rather odd duck, I grew up in the South Georgia and Florida Line before it was a country pop group. I grew up in the seventies and growing up we moved over 6 times as a kid from Folkston Ga. to as far south as Titusville, FL. I have lived in all types of home from Victorian era Midcentury Modern to Mobile homes. My favorite place in Florida was Middleburg FL. a small town known as Lake Asbury. We had the lake and Black Creek next door. Oh the stories I could tell. I have lived in 2 stories to single stories on grade off grade, hip roof to Gabel.

I enjoy traveling my two favorite places currently Africa on the Sarengeti, and Peru. I love the forest, hiking and camping brings a peace to my heart that the world doesn't offer. I grew up very well educated at home by my grandparents and my Grandfather had a major role in my education and although he did not teach me Latin nor have I learned it yet, under his tutelage I have amassed a desire to learn. Few can say they heard from the mouths of people before cars and airplanes existed.

I prefer an open and honest line of communication, please don't be afraid to hurt my feelings my name is Ashley by the way, The guy with the girls name.